Lost Photographs Located

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Bradgate Park 1 ’73

 Thanks Paul Hedges for forwarding these onto me for inclusion on the BBLF Site”.

They Are Now In their Historically Rightful Place Under “Jims Photo Archive 1”

(Jim – In The Year Of Covid, 07/11/20)

Rob Brown

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Monday September 21st 2020

25 years ago today we lost Rob. Probably LCFC’s biggest fan, he never got to witness their recent levels of success. Unless he’s been pulling a few strings, that is……

Please have a beer for Rob today!

“End Of An Era”


1971 To 2016


(For More Information, Go To The About Tab)

Greetings Everyone.

Because of the lower than expected turnout for the recent 45th Anniversary Reunion, I have decided not to continue organising any further events.

I always give out the date for the reunion months in advance and plan my holidays around the event.
Every one deserves a holiday, but I’m just not getting the sense of priority and dedication that we used to have. Some long term friends have not been seen since 2004 and have remained on the email list.

My thanks go to those who let me know well in advance that they couldn’t attend due to circumstances beyond their control. But the last minute notifications of not being able to make it (One call came in on the night on a mobile from a destination far far away) the fact that some didn’t bother to let me know at all, after the event reasons that were quite lame and people turning up halfway through the evening, have led me to believe that interest is waning.
Even where I have made allowance in arrangements for someone, in the end they didn’t attend.
I don’t want to get to another reunion and the attendance is even lower. Just a few sitting around discussing how it used to be.

The 2014 Reunion was supposed to be the last until I was taken to one side and urged to carry it on with the encouraging words “Your the glue that holds it together”. Even though they let me know just before this years event, it was such a shame they were not present, as they were missed.

Its all about commitment, prioritising and the desire for a lot of old friends to bring them selves together for a single event that only happens every two years. I feel “The Passion” just isn’t there anymore.

We had a good run and I would like to thank everyone for their past support. Especially those who attended in 2016. A special thanks to Paul Betts and the band for really making the occasion special.

The BBLF Site will remain open for the foreseeable future at the behest of Chris Freer who holds the template.
There will be no further Bulletins.

Enjoy the memories.

Thank you all who gave their support and attended over the years.

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year To Everyone.

Best Wishes.

PS. None of my comments are meant to cause offence to anyone.


Krooschoff’s October Bulletin 2016

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Well it was great to see most of our friends at the 2016 45th Anniversary Reunion.

Although the turnout was not as expected due to holiday and other commitments, those who were present created a feel good factor that permeated the whole evening with smiles and long lost banter. The evening was made even better having been supported by the band “Six Dollar Hat” courtesy of our very own Paul Betts. A couple of great surprise’s turned up in the form of Suzanne Woodford and Paul Hedges who hadn’t been seen in over 40 years. My thanks go to all those present for making the evening such a success.


L to R. Back Row. John Gillespie, Chris Aston.

Middle. Paul Hedges, Paul Betts, Eric Ellingworth, Myself, Sue Ellingworth, Mike Meads, Steve Maw, Mick Gould.

Bottom Row. Michelle Wenham, Dianne Gillespie, Suzanne Woodford, Lisa Norman.

"Six Dollar Hat"“Six Dollar Hat”


Lisa's 60th invite final



The Reunion photographs have been published under “Archive 13” and repeated under “Mancubs Reunited”

The Ladies and Rogues Gallery tabs have been updated.

New Tab, “Paul Hedges – The Return” under Archive 13.

New Tab, “Epilogue” – Under Archive 13.





Krooschoff’s Reunion News Update 2016

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As previously specified, the 2016 45th Anniversary BBLF Reunion will be held on


At 7pm In Our Spiritual Meeting Place Of Old.




We will be paying our respects at the resting place of our dear old friend

Jack “Rob” Brown

Rob scan0042z

All are welcome to attend as we raise bottle or can to his memory at


At the Cotes Road Cemetery.



6 Dollar

Our Very Own Paul Betts and His Fellow Band Members Will Be Supporting The BBLF Reunion With A Stirling Blues Performance On This Very Special Night


For those who are interested in a meal at The Bengal Indian Restaurant after the Reunion.

Please let it be known on the big night.



Lisa 1975

Lisa 1975

Lisa celebrates her 60th in a big way on  Saturday 22nd October by throwing a party at Barrow Town Football Club. All are invited to join the celebration which takes place just a month after the Reunion. Two great parties in four weeks. Hope to see you all the there.

Here’s The Official Invite To All.

Lisa's 60th invite final


Best Wishes.



Krooschoff’s Springtime And Reunion News Bulletin 2016

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Spring 3 

Here’s Our Very Own

Mick Gould and Stephen “Tich” Mitchell

 Showing us all how to put a Somersault, Jump and a Revolving Body Flip Into Our Spring Step.

(Site Disclaimer)

“The person or persons publishing this bulletin do not take responsibility for individuals making a nostalgic zealous but futile attempt at recreating any of the highly dangerous moves above. Your heart might be in the right place, but being near to 60 years of age or over, it soon wont be. Not to mention the painful rearrangement of your bone structure”

First Off.



The 2016 45th Anniversary BBLF Reunion will be held on


At 7pm In Our Spiritual Meeting Place Of Old.



This will be followed by a meal at The Bengal Indian Restaurant (if its still open by then) for those who cant resist the urge to finish the evening with a good curry in great company.


So please make sure that you have the date in your diary, phone, i pad or computer.

Further news and details will follow. In the meantime, the countdown has begun to the best Reunion yet.

189 Days and Counting.


It’s Time To Celebrate The 60’s Club.

There are quite a few on the run up to the Reunion and beyond.

A Special Mention Goes To Our Very Own


Lisa P9200486_copy

Lisa celebrates her 60th in a big way on  Saturday 22nd October by throwing a party at Barrow Town Football Club. All are invited to join the celebration which takes place just a month after the Reunion. Two great parties in four weeks. Hope to see you all there. Further details will be published in the Summer Bulletin.

Here’s The Full List Of 60th Birthdays For The Rest Of The Year.


Mick Gould, Tues 3rd May.

Gary McBride, Sun 12th June.

Vernon Seaton, Wed 10th August.

Steve Maw, Thurs 6th October.

Lisa Norman, Thurs 20th October.

Well in advance, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all our 60th Celebrators a very Happy Birthday. Here’s hoping you all have a great day of celebration with all your friends and family. I look forward to receiving the invites to the parties throughout the rest of the year.



That’s How Its Done. Raising A Glass At Chris Freer’s 21st. Rose Room, Hammer and Pincers 1975.

Dedicated To

All Those Golden 21st Birthday Moments.

(No One Was Forgotten Or Left Behind)


Pic Of The Month

(Should Have Been A Beatles Album Cover, Errr, Old On A Minute!!!)

18 scan0012

London, 75


Have a Great Easter Everyone. Don’t forget to put a reminder in your Diaries etc. The Reunion Date Is.


After 45yrs, We Can Still Stick Together.


Best Wishes.



Friendship, The Eternal Frontier.

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These Are The Adventures Of The Barrow Boys Liberation Front.

Queens Jubilee 77

Queens Jubilee 77

Its Ongoing Mission. To Explore Strange New Worlds. To Seek Out New Life And New Party Goers.

To Have Boldly Partied Like No Others Have Partied Before.

(For Further Information, Go To The “About” Tab)

“Share The Love Of Life, Share The Link”


Krooschoff’s 2015 Christmas And New Year Bulletin.

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Xmas 4


Welcome To Krooschoff’s Christmas And New Year Bulletin.

First Off.

Here’s “Dean Martin” and “Let It Snow”

(Yea, I know it’s Cheesy, but Hey!!! It’s Christmas)

Play With The Seasonal Nostalgic Snowy Slide show Below.

In Playful Festive Mood Are, Paul Gaunt, Mick Gould, Ray Linney, Ian “Bert” Burton, Chris Aston, Gary McBride and Myself.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The eagerly awaited Commissioned Christmas song that I was expecting from our very own Paul “Lacia” Betts and the band “Six Dollar Hat” has not materialised in time for this bulletins deadline. I can only assume that a considerable and heavy touring schedule, extended meetings with record company bosses at EMI and long song writing sessions in the pub for the new album (pictured with the new line-up), has meant that they are unable to entertain the BBLF on this Festive Occasion. However, I’m sure all the boys in the band would like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year. We send our best Christmas wishes to them too. To tide you all over, here is a recent recording of the band from YouTube. Take it away boys!!!

Six Dollar

Oh The Pressures Of Impending Stardom. L to R. Mike Laffan (Bass) Paul (Drums and Vocals) John “Slide” Turner (Guitar).

Moving On

For those who remember those heady days of the early 70’s. Some more characters from the past have been located. Word is spreading and who knows who could turn up at the 2016 45th Anniversary Reunion.

And Here They Are.

Helen Drury (now Hodges)

Lives near Whitby and is now on the BBLF email list

Ruth Lockton

Lives In Devon

Linda Aldridge

Lives In Melton

Elaine Jarvis

Lives in Leicester

Its been 40 plus years since they were last seen. How time flies!!!

Christmas and New Year Pics Of The Month


Impending Christmas Visit

(No, Not Santa)

I will be in The Navigation on

Friday The 18th December

I shall be joining anyone present for a traditional pre-Christmas early doors drink. I do hope that some of you will be able to attend.

(With thanks to Chris Elphick for this picture of The Navi, which was apparently lit up prematurely in November. It gets earlier and earlier)


Swad Christmas Shindig

Eric, Sue, Michelle and Chris Freer will be joining Claire and I at the “Sir Nigel Gresley” Pub in Swadlincote.

On Monday 21st Dec at 12.30 pm.

I know its a long shot, but if anyone else would like to join us, all are welcome.

(Swad Shindig 2012)

Not Forgetting

Our Traditional Festive

“Rockin Around The Christmas Tree”


Tich, Chris, Mick, Pilch and Myself

(With thanks as usual to Wanda Holland)


We now have less than a year to go until the next Big BBLF Bash and we will be,


Something tells me this will be the biggest and best yet.


(Reunion 2014)

In The Meantime

A Sublime Piece Of Wintery Christmas Wonder.

Sit back in your armchair in front of your roaring fire, with your favourite tipple and get sucked into the Christmas visual and audio feast that is,

“Snowbound” by “Genesis”

Nearly Forgot

These two Suspicious Sultry looking Dudes were spotted propping up the bar at The Navi recently. There’s some thing vaguely familiar about this Dodgy Car Dealer and his Faithful Minder, I just cant quite put my finger on it. Mmmmmmmmmm!!!

Minder 1


Both Claire and I hope everyone who is associated with the BBLF have a wonderful Christmas and New Year with all their families and friends. Near or far away, you are still part of the history and the good times we had. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support over the last year and hope you all continue to enjoy the nostalgic memories along with the bulletins that are periodically published.



Here’s Gary and Mick Showing How Its Done In Trafalgar Square 1979

With Best Wishes.

Jim and Claire

Xmas 3

This Has Been A BBLF Production.



Krooschoff’s 2015 Autumn Bulletin!!!

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It’s been nearly a year since the last reunion. Time has slipped by so fast. Its only a year to go before the big bash and we are.


More news and details as we get closer.


Here’s a great tune from my own collection. Courtesy of Youtube, to celebrate the time of year.

First Off.

Soar Valley Crawl

Chris Freer and myself decided to have a bit of a pub crawl around the local area. Starting in Sileby we then moved onto Mountsorrel and finally meeting up with Eric and Lisa at The Navigation at Barrow. Here’s a sample of the pictures we took. The rest are under Archive 13.


Moving On.

This picture from last months bulletin asked for info on unidentified faces. Thanks to Steve “Tich” Mitchell for the following names.

On Steve’s left is possibly Paul Sanders, sadly killed when his motorcycle hit a skip in Sileby.

On his right is Mark Badham. Current location unknown

Three Crowns Lawn, Aug, 75. L To R. Andy Freer?, Pete Rich? Jack, Mick, Elaine Kay, Sunglsses/Unknown, Vern, Arm Covering Face?, Smiling/Unknown, Tich.

Three Crowns Lawn, Aug, 75. L To R. Andy Freer?, Pete Rich? Jack, Mick, Elaine Kay, Sunglasses/Unknown, Vern, Paul Sanders?, Mark Badham, Tich.


Recently located characters from our past.

Linda Edwards.

Alive and well and living in France.

(Now on our BBLF email list)

Heather Robinson

Alive and well and living in Sileby.

Both were around with the early crew of 70/71. Unfortunately, there are no pics of them on the site. But you never know, perhaps some will turn up for inclusion at a later date.


It only seems like yesterday when our dear friend Rob “Jack” Brown passed away. Unbelievably, on the 21st of October, it will have been twenty years since that sad day. I’m sure those who knew him, will raise a glass to his memory. Even more poignant, is the fact that it will be 21 yrs when we celebrate our 45th Anniversary Reunion next year.

“Cheers, Jack”


Moving On

Its Time To Celebrate The Sixties Club, On The Run Up To The Christmas Bulletin.


John Gillespie, Monday 5th October

John and Chris Aston, Monday 19th October

Mike Meads, Saturday 14th November

“Here’s hoping you all have a great day of celebration with all your family and friends”

Dedicated To

Jerome K Jerome’s – Three Men In A Boat.

Here’s The B.B.L.F. Version.

“Three Men In A Bed”

(Cornwall 1975. Left To Right – Pilch, Jack and Me)


“Yea, I know, but we were in Hilliard’s sisters caravan. Space was tight and so were we”

Site Changes and Additions

As reported in Summer Bulletin. A host of photographs that were in our very own Chris Freer’s loft until recently, have now been scanned and placed into their relevant time slots on the site. All cover the golden years of 1975 to 1976. One of those pics I have chosen as Septembers pic of the month.

Here’s how to find them on the site. All additional pics are captioned “NEW”

Archive 2

Montage 3 1975 – Additional Pics.

London (Mike E’s) #2 1975 – Additional Pics.

Cleethorpes 75 – New Tab (from previously published pics)

Montage 5 – Additional Pics.

Archive 3

On The Slabs 1 ’75 – New Tab (from previously published pics)

Montage 6 ’76 – Additional Pics.

On The Slabs 2 ’76 – Additional Pics.

On The Slabs 3 ’76 – Additional Pics.

Archive 4

Montage 7 ’76 – Additional Pics.

Archive 5

Bournemouth ’77 – Additional Pics

Archive 13

Soar Valley Crawl 2015 – New Tab and New Pics.


 Sandra 76 – Additional Pic.

Krooschoff’s Memoirs

Updated and re-arranged with new pics and Youtube Tunes.

Krooschoff’s Memoirs (Vol 3) 

Full English Facial – (New Item)

The September Pic Of The Month.

“Cool Running’s?”

Here is our one and only Mick in 1975. Who’s early aspirations to be a Toboggan Champion in the 1976 Montreal Olympics, led to this intensive daring do, danger filled training programme. Taking place on the slopes of the Great Central Railway embankment at the end of Elaine (Grub) Regulskies house in Rothley. Alas, it all gave way to our hero’s successful and notable career in that noble and skilled profession of Plumbing. Way to go Mick.

May 75 3

Smile Of The Archives Award


 New Years Eve – 1981


Well that’s it folks. I hope the new photo’s on the site bring a nostalgic smile to those who are pictured.

Have a great Autumn. The next bulletin will be at Christmas.

Best Wishes To You All.